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Recently KPTR Party Train Radio held a contest for indies called "The Triple 1 Challenge". The contest consisted of teams that were created by KPTR. We randomly put 3 contestants together, who did not know each other to complete one track. Out of 6 teams we only had 3 successful completions. Team 3 was chosen by our judges, who voted on their favorite song. This is one of the hardest challenges held by KPTR. Not only do you have to complete a song in a very short time, but you have to work with people with different styles, different egos, and different visions. Every team fights and bickers til the end. The one common goal is trying to hold it together to complete one song. This takes extra effort, patience, and sometimes humiliation, and if you have a temper, you will really catch hell doing this challenge. Team 3 held on til the very last minute and worked through all of their differences and took it all home. If you can complete this challenge, you are completely ready for the industry.


Doug Newsome


I was inspired by my brother and his friends around age 10. I was born a blue baby so sports was out. No competitions or bands. So I would write with him and his group. Biggest influences were jimmy jam and terry Lewis, the Isley Bros, James Brown, The Boyz and ABC all the way to Alchemist, No-ID, and the right circle of producers I hang with today.

At 38 years young Im 1/2 of the production team The BANG Proz. From Chicago based in Houston. Been producing and writing for 18+ years. Produced and help develop several artists in the Midwest as well as Texas to Miami to Arizona.

If when you hear Missy Elliot meets Ashanti you imagine an energetic and smooth contextual sound, think again. Rarebreed is the upbeat soulful self proclaimed "Queen of Context." Her music is deep, reality based, and catchy. When asked why she creates, Rarebreed said “to help prevent hearing impairment via refined meaningful music.” Rarebreed’s belief is that her music has the power to heal, and she will do so, by constantly creating inspirational content with label Co-owner and partner Eli Uno. She has been writing her own lyrics since she was 10yrs old. when… she began composing poetry— which lead to creating original works. In 2021, she was featured on African Hype when — she reached 30,000 streams on Spotify within the first month of release.

Rarebreed also has a backstage subscription service where you can see her behind the scenes footage for a reasonable monthly fee and this also gives you an in depth look into her artistry. In 2021, with the help of Eli Uno Rarebreed founded H-LAW Cares; a non-profit charity organization that helps advance independent musicians careers, improve hearing impairment technology, and house families in need.


On the 26th day of December 1991 Bryant Munford was born. Growing up with his loving family, Bryant was born to be different. Being the youngest of 4 siblings(two sisters, a brother and a step brother) Bryant was always supported. In a family of musical intellectuals, he  developed a strong work ethic on a physical, mental and spiritual level. He also developed a strong passion towards music, hip hop in particular.  “Hip hop is equally yoked to Mathematics”, as B.Munford would say. Hip hop is not just a expression of one's self but an equation of one's expression under certain emotions and environment conditions.  If you don't understand his logic take a deep dive into his conceptual abstracts of music. There you will find some of his thoughts and life experiences in which one may relate.



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