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In "The Culture Of Self Expression Episode" Radio Zero speaks with Co-CEO of Hip Hop Forum Culture,

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

In "The Culture Of Self Expression Episode" Radio Zero speaks with smooth RnB singer Fitch Means and Co-CEO of Hip Hop Forum Culture, James Mayfield.

The highly talented Fitch Means discusses his music path, influences, passion and inspirations for creativity. He shares his much anticipated newly released single "2am Drive" and reflects on past projects and work with other artists. The artist reveals future plans and goals. RZ looks forward to hearing more from this young artist!

James Mayfield takes us on an exciting journey, painting a vivid picture from the beginning of hip hop right up to the present, dropping a whole treasure chest of jewels n knowledge for us along the way! He speaks candidly on thoughts about lyricism, current music, legends he has interviewed over the years and so much more! James discusses his love of Hip Hop and the many services provided to assist Indie artists to bring out their greatness and assisting them with fundamentals such as bio's, how to mix and master and more!

Co-Host Fyvie speaks on the topic of "Self Expression" and shares some great new and classic tracks to illustrate!

Great music ranging from classic to current R&B, to much revered Classic Rap/Hip Hop, to hot new releases!

By Mofohari Hunt

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