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3 Dice Ceno The New Cool

3 Dice Ceno - the new cool

I got a taste of the new cool as I scoured SoundClound this weekend. I stumbled across a song called "Meditation" by 3 Dice Ceno. The cool legato flow of his voice on top of this ever cool beat, filled with timely chords with a perfect old school vibe. I listened through, and I had to investigate more to see if this vibe was just an anomaly, or if this was his true style. I stepped clear into what I would describe as the new cool in hip-hop. Well its not necessarily new, just revamped. This style and energy and persona placed inside of rap lines has been existent since the likes of some of our pioneer artists in hip-hop. What it really shows is how much work we as listeners have to do to search out & find this long lost vibe, in the midst of artists made popular by rap methods that we may not agree with. "Geisha #9", "Social Baddie", & "Broadway George" are also quality cuts on 3 Dice Ceno's "Novel" release. The production is top notch all the way through, and the lyricism is poignant, ranging in topics from cultural differences, to the ballad that is urban life. Not to mention a lyrical cadence that holds original form, even when he stretches his boundaries for flow speed. He's had a gang of music released on SoundCloud, to which I opted to delve into. My first step into his extended catalog led me to "American Evil", a snapshot of society through his eyes, much harder and grittier than the likes of the smooth & gathered rapper on "Novel". In just a few songs, I was able to conclude that I had come across a great artist, not just poised with cool innuendo, but also equipped with passion for pertinent societal issues. Take a listen to the music of 3 Dice Ceno, you wont be disappointed.

Next issue, we'll have a sit down with Dice and hash out the creative process and how he finds his passion.


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