U.R.F (Un-Related Family) Drops Their Latest Single “F.M.L.” (Family Music Loyalty)

For some time now the Hip Hop scene out of Delaware has fallen under the radar leaving tons of talented emcees unrecognized.   Ron Morris, manager of Hip Hop group URF (Un-Related Family) has taken on the challenge of bringing Delaware back on the map! URF is made up of three emcees by the names […]

HHF: Opinion Piece (Chance The Rapper)

By Warnell Jones Warnell shares his thoughts in this dynamic opinion piece about the ins and outs of the music industry. He also gives props to “Chance The Rapper” for his breakthrough in the game.   The internet has proven once again to be most useful in the “millennial” (I hate that word) age, as […]

HHF Editorial: November

This month we’ve got a strong mix; exclusive interviews, starting with old school legend, New York DJ Geechie Dan and also key hip-hop player, Lion Lindwedel (co-owner of ODAD Truth Records with Daddy O, with Chuck D handling distribution) that’s not forgetting new talent, Mississippi MC, College Boy: all interviewed by our great HHF writers, […]

HHF Opinion: My 2Cents

By James ‘Nobodee Jones’ Horton Will you think Nobodee is trippin? Take a moment and consider his thoughts on the American business called slavery, how it stripped us of real recognition for a great deal of our contributions old and new and how the ball bounces onto the stage of our hip-hop culture.  Often Kinfolk […]