HHF: Opinion Piece (Chance The Rapper)

By Warnell Jones Warnell shares his thoughts in this dynamic opinion piece about the ins and outs of the music industry. He also gives props to “Chance The Rapper” for his breakthrough in the game.   The internet has proven once again to be most useful in the “millennial” (I hate that word) age, as […]

HHF: C. Linwood Jackson

By Warnell Jackson Hip Hop Forum’s Warnell Jackson presents an outstanding interview with an NAACP representative. He speaks about his dedication to the organization, it’s history, and how there is a need for improvement with the early childhood education system.   Hip-Hop Forum: Congratulations on being elected President of the NAACP Delaware State Conference of […]

HHF: When Did THIS Happen??

By Lion Linwedel “All across the metropolitan and USA, everybody with a mouth is talkin’ ’bout DJ *MIXMASTER* DJ Ice, to be precise, the boy is nice….” – UTFO “He’s the greatest of the great, lets get it straight, he’s great. Claims fame ’cause his name is known in every state. His name is Jay […]

(P)aper/pen (O)riginality (E)merging thoughts (T)ransmitting (S)timulation

By Adrienne Miller NUMB…. Trapped somewhere between feeling something and feeling nothing Life will do that you know Introducing you to being all the way in but OK with being all the way out Emotionally suspended just dangling Got you caught between I fucks wit u and fuck u A weird balance that says I’m […]