Carmie Scott…The Legend, The Woman, The BOSS by Kula Voncille

HHF question of the day……. can you multitask? Can you handle wearing multiple hats at the same time?? For some it may be a giant feat but for Hip Hop Forum interviewee Carmie Scott, it’s just another day in her exciting life. Her day may consist of marketing, building websites, or interviewing up and coming indie artist. But most of her time is devoted to DJing and cultivating her radio stations.
Carmie Scott, a native-born Georgia peach who now resides in Jacksonville Florida, is the proud owner and operator of KPTR Party Radio Station. ( KTPR Party Radio Station is a platform to help indie artist get radio play and take advantage of other musical services. She also owns WJSJ, a smooth and classic jazz radio station. ( WJSJ will also allow independent jazz musicians to get heard worldwide.
HHF talks about Carmie’s musical childhood
As A child, Carmie always had a deep-rooted love for music. In the late 70s and early 80s her mother, was a bootlegger and would throw weekend parties for her friends while Carmie, at the age of 8, would play records for the social gathering. As her mother’s friends engaged in dinner plates and card games, Carmie would keep the crowd entertained with tunes that ranged from the good old blues such as Johnny Taylor, BB King, JT Blackfoot, and Bobby Blue Bland to hip-hop such as Herbie Hancock’s “Rock it”, to the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight”. As Ms. Scott grew into a lovely young lady her taste and love for music grew. Some of her biggest musical influences are: Prince, Michael Jackson, Manhattans, Rachelle Ferrell, Jeffery Osborne and LTD to name a few. (It is clear to see that she is a fan of some great baby making music.)
HHF explores Carmie’s curiosity on becoming a D.J
Her curiosity in DJing peaked in the mid to late 90’s. She joined music chat rooms and shared her music with other music lovers. In order to share her music with others, Carmie would place the microphone to the speaker and run her whole set. As time passed, and technology advanced, she began to get more acquainted with learning how to stream music for radio and started her own station. Once the station was established, she began to get inquiries from indie artist that were looking to get on the airwaves after being turned down from their local stations so many times. Carmie took this opportunity as a way to help these talented artists get heard on a worldwide bases. These endeavors gave birth to successful platform, which is today called KTPR Party Train Radio “Home of the Indies”.
HHF wants to know: What Services do you offer on KTPR?
KTPR Party Train Radio offers services to singers, producers, and rappers. Her services ranges from building websites, T.V. placement, interviews, track radio edits, radio campaigns and promotions. An example of Carmie’s spin package deals for indie artist would be: 1 song played twice a day for 30 days (small spin package), 1 song played five times a day for 30 days(medium spin package ) and 1 song played ten times a day for 30 days(large spin package).
HHF is excited to let the world know what Carmie Scott future projects are:
Not only does Carmie have her hands in radio play, she is also coming up with unique ways to get rappers and producers involved in sharing their music. Every Monday and Friday she does a PUMP or DUMP song and beat submission. Monday is for rappers and Friday is for producers. Artist are able to submit their songs/tracks to Carmie where she then invites friends and networkers in the music industry to take a listen. If they like it give it a PUMP if they don’t like it give it a DUMP! ( with some constructive feedback, of course)
Recently Ms. Scott came up with one of the Dopest Challenges HHF has seen in awhile. Its called the Triple 1 Challenge. She is bringing together 1 rapper, 1 singer and 1 producer to make an original song together. The winner of the challenge will get music spins an interview and more. There are over 10 groups that have signed up!
Carmie’s next venture will be to have all three of her radio stations up and going.
KPTR Party Train Radio
WJSJ Jazz Sweet Jazz
Some fun facts about Ms. Scott: die hard Cowboys fan, Aquarius, and her favorite quote: If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you will be unhappy for the rest of your life. -Abraham Maslow

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