The Illusion of Control: Hip Hop & Other Ish

By Nobodee Jones

What do you think of Nobodee’s way of thinkin? American’s media machine and its effect on Hip-Hop culture and culture in general, how does it effect our youths and what could be its effects down the line. 

  I was hit with a thought that grasped a topic a bit out of the hip hop arena but nether the less; it was one that effects not just the sound of hip hop music but also where hip hop music acquires its sound.  

          I speak of the sociological imperative of preservation that you must ‘think this way’.  Yall cats follow me.  What’s socially acceptable or even better, in hip hop culture, who defines the new normal?  Now if I’m wrong then a cat wrong but when we speak of hip hop culture we tend to think in terms of its music (Check LA Dub Z & MangaD). Even though it has gotten a bit of attention with the new onslaught of TV shows and articles I say beware.  (Sidebar: I say this I was not alive or in the area when the culture emerged and began to find its footing in the Bronx, NY.  I fact I was headed south and hip hop culture there is southern fried and dirty like rice. Its own flavor.)  Yet it leaves you to think, or I feel it should. See many of these kiddos coming up going to look at the media coverage (the shows, article, e.g.) as the truth. Is this good or bad? Well think of it like this…what’s the best kind of lie? The one that holds the highest percentage of truth. Set the basis of any story rumor of whatnot in facts and sporadically layer it with lies (or better yet what you want folks to believe).  So rep the roots of the culture and play up or down other aspects of it and you just changed his story to one day becoming history.  (Sidebar: Is not about control so much as its about manipulation.)  So whose telling you the next big thing in the culture? Whose telling you the culture needs to be represented via television? Is it Donald Glover wanting to do a story or does the power go to whose the story is told thru , i.e.  FX Networks a.k.a 21st Century Fox?  Or like with the Get Down is it Bazmark Films and Sony Pictures Television? Just sayin. Who controls the culture in mainstream?


         See I see this  as a social fallacy (sidebar: like the popular vote…another issue that got cats lost in the fact that they feel they vote counts. It counts, somewhat but not like most think.) that is utilized to reinforced the stereotypes of the culture and its music. (Check The Epitome & Ori) (u know, dope dealers, thieves,  style of dress, or any other degrading or debilitating  trait) and too keep us all controllable; also in the light of the ally and through the dark of the legal system and its tactics of strategic poverty, glass ceilings, the correctional systems, as well as the legislative, judicial, & executive branches of those given authorative  rights to rule over us.  In short the system is not built on life or death but to truly keep people needing to be governed. With all the ins and outs that a part of a culture takes i.e. style of dress, lingo, perceptions, and music the ability to reach folks is high. This especially resonates with younger cats as they may not have had exposure to the roots of the culture or even worse had limited exposure to the realities of this country (not counting watching TV and ish). 


          The illusion of no power is quite awesome in its show of power every day in this country. It can be seen in the idiocracy that is deemed important or those semi important topics that are poised to overshadow real news that affects us all.  It can be seen in the way education is treated in regard to entertainment.  It reveals the true need for education to be task for the people and not solely on the government to teach a past that leads to a better future, learn those coming up and hip ‘em to  the truths that life has revealed to us and not leave it in the hands of profiteers.  The hard thing about that situation is, getting these cats to listen. (Check AWOL). (That’s my 2Cents)

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