Here, Let Me Quarterback This….

​Editorial by: Lion Lindwedel

Hang on, kids. This COULD jump around a bit, because there are several things on my mind, and well, this is where I get to voice it all. Let’s get started, shall we?

First and foremost, while i’m occasionally guilty of using it, I would love to see the elimination of the words “Old School”.  It indicates retirement.  The fact is, there are rappers who actually HAVE retired their mics, and they STILL know more about true Hip-Hop, than most of these kids today.  DJs who actually spun VINYL, producers that actually made original BEATS.  Managers that know what it means to shop your act for a deal, shop your act for a gig, shop your act for an endorsement.  It’s funny to me when I see idiots say that older emcees should just retire and be quiet.  Ummmm, WHO do the networks hire to do color commentary, announcing, pregame shows, player interviews, etc.? Who? Former quarterbacks, linemen, coaches.  Your ass runs to the tv sunday, monday, thursday, and if you like college ball, even saturday, to listen to the people who know the game best, the veterans, to break down each and every part of the game. Analysis, commentary, all the above, all brought to you by none other than those OLD SCHOOL CATS. Sit your young asses down, shut up and pay attention to what’s being said and you MIGHT learn a thing or two.  All of my life, I have been the kind of person who could sit at the feet of my elders for hours and hours, just listening.  They have seen so much and have so many experiences to share, and I would never THINK about telling them they’re too old to learn from.

Shut up, seriously. You sound fuckin stupid, for real.  Listen, criminals do not give a shit about laws, changes in laws, or stricter laws.  The simple fact is, if you outlaw guns, you will turn hundreds of thousands of honest, law abiding citizens into criminals, because they aren’t going to give theirs up. Nope. Not happening.  99% of lawful gun owners don’t commit mass murder.  Oddly, we wont see any news today about the millions of us that did NOT kill anyone.  It’s better to sensationalize the insane fucks who actually DID.  Well, you’ll not be taking my weapons any time soon. And if you DID, guess what…..the army made sure that i’m just as deadly with my hands.  Are you going to take those too? Stop making yourself sound so ignorant.

Lastly for tonight anyhow, is loyalty.  Do you have any idea what that means? It means that you stand by him, her, it, whatever it may be.  I have no time for game players, nay sayers or any OTHER kind of “ayers”. Either you’re on my team or you’re not. No half-way, no fence-riding. In or fucking out.  My resume, track record and clientelle/associate list has spoken for itself for 17 years now.  So, that being said, my tree has some branches that aren’t producing fruit.  Time to lop those branches off, so fresh healthy ones can grow in their place.  This doesn’t mean I dislike you, it means that we aren’t meshing well. Some flavors fit together, but one doesn’t put salt on their cornflakes. You don’t put mayonaise on your grits.  Those things aren’t BAD, they just don’t work well TOGETHER.

Enough for tonight.


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