By: Flame Da Darkchild

If you only knew how I felt or even more how I feel …real deal holy fields …holy shields… prayers protects Lord I will…. totally respect how I reveal… this info.. a lil hennee indo….exhale now let’s go…. She was there from the start…. That’s why she will always have my heart…. No matter how long we part…. they can never tear us apart …and we always stay lit no way I can keep this in the dark… smoke in parks… road trips… broke my fall when I slipped… and let’s not talk about all the females you had to deal with… and you still with…. Me all the way … You swore even old and grey… family first remember that’s what you always say…. And then I strayed so far away…. lost in that lavish life …I had to pay that cost when I lost thee baddest wife… piffing without gladyce knight… these are jus thoughts I was feeling so I had to write….. You know I had to have you right

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James Mayfield
Owner/CEO of Hip Hop Forum and Hip Hop Forum Digital Magazine.com. Having been listening to Hip Hop music since 1979 lead to becoming a Hip Hop enthusiast due to Sucker MC's by Run DMC and from there involved fully in the Hip Hop Culture consisting of the 5 elements, Dejays, Emcees, Graffiti, Breaking and Knowledge. Hip Hop Is Life

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  1. I loved your post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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