By: Flame Da Darkchild

Love is the greatest power… When embraced it created an ours…so sweet puffing sour….time spent with you is my greatest hours…that smell when you step out the shower…. Fresh like a meadow of flowers….in God I trust to make an us….We came together volcanoes erupt….the earth quaked….I knew it was real the very first day….and after that first date …. Evey day was like my birthday…. our son he gets my first name…. Our chemistry shook and burst flames… Body kisses and hugs too…..all I want to say is I love you I love you I only put God above you

About the Author

James Mayfield
Owner/CEO of Hip Hop Forum and Hip Hop Forum Digital Magazine.com. Having been listening to Hip Hop music since 1979 lead to becoming a Hip Hop enthusiast due to Sucker MC's by Run DMC and from there involved fully in the Hip Hop Culture consisting of the 5 elements, Dejays, Emcees, Graffiti, Breaking and Knowledge. Hip Hop Is Life

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