By:Adrienne Miller

In him roared a fire
Only destructive to the shit he wished to burn
And burn he did
Burned down all the hurt
All pain
All the meaningless shit in his way
He was relentless
No one even knew
That his fire would burn so bright
Frightening the masses
Evening startling himself
But his fire burned hotter
Brighter than ever
And no one ever knew it existed
Not even him
He was transformed in the fire
Not consumed of it

About the Author

James Mayfield
Owner/CEO of Hip Hop Forum and Hip Hop Forum Digital Having been listening to Hip Hop music since 1979 lead to becoming a Hip Hop enthusiast due to Sucker MC's by Run DMC and from there involved fully in the Hip Hop Culture consisting of the 5 elements, Dejays, Emcees, Graffiti, Breaking and Knowledge. Hip Hop Is Life

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