HHF Interview: Mick Staggz

By:Adrienne Miller

Hip Hop Forum had the opportunity to chat with Mick Staggz. Staggz is a talented rapper out of New York.

HHF: What made you decide to become a rapper?

Staggz: I grew up in the b-boy era and was inspired by the culture.The fat laces and baggie jeans, not to mention the hip hop movement as a whole. I always had a growing desire to be part of something so great.

HHF: Who were your earliest influences?

Staggz: My earliest influences are Kwame, Craig G, Lord Finesse, Rakim, KRS 1, and EPMD.

HHF: Who are your fave five rappers?

Staggz: Biggie, Jadakiss , Nas, Jay Z & M.O.P

HHF: What would you like to gain in your career?

Staggz: I would like to sustain a lucrative career as an indie artist.

HHF: What do you think about today’s artists?

Staggz: I think today’s artist have lost their way and are blinded by the fame and the money these records execs throw at them. It’s not about the culture or the lyrical ability anymore. The game has succumbed to corny dance tunes and ghost writers.

HHF: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Staggz: In ten years I see myself owning and operating my own successful record label where I will be scouting raw unsigned hype such as myself and giving them opportunities that I was blessed to get from Hip Hop Forum and RAWR Radio. Salute…

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