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By Adrienne Miller

Hip Hop Forum “where real hip hop lives” are also big supporters of the Indie Music scene.  Check out some of these imminent artists that are commanding attention at an all time high. HHF music reviewer; Adrienne Miller bring these artists to the light in her riveting reviews.

Mike Staggs is a gritty and raw artist coming out of Long Island New York.  His style ranges from hard core such as his track; “Last Shot” to a smoothed out reminiscent of a Mr. Cheeks on the track “Let’s talk”.  He is in your face with his type of hip hop artistry.  I can truly appreciate this caliber which gives hope to the new generation that had chosen to revive hip hop and the culture to its glory.  https://soundcloud.com/mike-staggs-2/last-shot

Willie Albino aka Bino is a hip hop artist from Philly, with a R & B flow. “I Don’t Wanna Live This Life”, is his most recent single. He kind of reminds me of Jaheim, with a smooth rhythm and powerful lyrics, that represents of his struggle. Here is a throwback called “Famous” https://youtu.be/OBGZ89NZDJk

Illustrious Creations of Entertainment better known as “ILL CRE” is an indie label that houses a combination of styles for almost every listener. The one artist that stood out to me is C.A.S.T.O.R. T-Roy.  This track “Spotlight” made me pause when I heard the sampling from the legendary “Betty Wright”, then his story-telling style of lyrics reserved my attention. Listen up at; https://soundcloud.com/ill_cre/new-spotlight check out more on http://illcre.com

My first intro with Crazie Kid Anonymous was on a cut called “Apple Jack Raps”; I loved it. Since then he has invaded my eardrums with his new single off Master Cees 11th Letter 3.  It shows his versatility as an artist.  His hard-hitting lyrics and fascinating beats makes it a winner to me.  The thing that put the single over the top was the visual component with the release of the video.  Crazie gave us Busta Rhymes reincarnated with the glowing body paint and off the wall concept. This was a great way to introduce his first full length project. https://youtu.be/_ccHk-x1F5M

Tribe called Quest is back making a huge political statement with their first release in 20 years and it couldn’t have been more appropriate for the times.  “We The People” took a stand on the need for global unity against allege injustices in the world but in a way only fitting for the tribe to do. R.I.P Phife. https://youtu.be/vO2Su3erRI

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