HHF Interview: Judah Priest of Wu-Tang Clan

Interviewed by Big Momma “Miz”
Music is the one thing in every facet. Hip hop is that bridge right now, all that unnecessary beef such as; Meek Mill & Game, Drake & Meek, Beans getting sucker punched, Cash Money & Young Money; whether it be real or a publicity stunt to sell albums, it causes some type of separation. The last real alliance in hip hop was Wu-Tang. Descending of from Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game is Judah Priest with some “Wisdom of the Universe and the Truth of Allah for the Nation of the Gods”.

HHF: Does the name “Judah Priest” have a meaning?

Judah Priest: It’s biblical, I’m an Israelite and follow God’s Law; Judah is not only one of the 12 tribes of Israel, but the head. The meaning is strength, power and love; Priest is a teacher so when you put the two together, you get love or joy of teaching. It was given to me by my grandmother, she was a follower too.

HHF: How long have you been studying?

Judah Priest: Since birth. As I was growing into my identity, of who I am, and who I’m becoming, I really gravitated towards Israel. As I got older, I felt even more of a connection to Israel because the teachings applied to my life and I understood it more. I’m a firm believer in keeping the Sabbath, which is today (Saturday) so Shabbat Sahalom! I have a brotherhood, they are Israelites too, and so the kinsmen ship with other Elohims kind of made an easy transition and made me want to learn more.

HHF: What’s your affiliation with Wu-Tang Clan, Brooklyn Zu, and the Ghetto Government Officials?

Judah Priest: Its different offsets of Wu-Tang, I was brought into Wu-Tang at a young age. In 93 when they came out, I was already being groomed with a lot of teachings. Buddha Monk is my older brother and a part of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Chamber; which was Brooklyn Zu. Ghetto Government is Sunz of Man; which is Killah Priest, Hell Razah and 60 Second Assassin. Im a part of GGO, it’s all family, I have ties to Dirty ClansMan & East Coast Killa Bees. I don’t have to go through an off branch, I’m Wu affiliated just based off the humbleness and the relationships that I have with a lot of individuals within the Clan.

HHF: Tell me a little about your works.

Judah Priest: My first mainstream solo album was “Valley of Kings” it was considered a classic overseas in Poland, Iceland & Europe.  People reached out and told me how much they were feeling it; so I thought my next project I’m going to begin a trilogy; so we dropped Dark Ages, I had legendary artists on this project like Chubb Rock; Sadat X, Lost Children of Babylon, Solomon Childs. My current work is “Dark World”.

HHF: What’s your definitive message?

Judah Priest: My whole message is not to be Jay Z, it’s to share the message and share the word of God. I wanna bring peace, knowledge and understanding in hip hop. I have children, so I have standpoints and when I give out messages to the world it’s really for them. Even if I can start small in hiphop and change the mind of our people and break the curses of Israel, we can start rebuilding our communities. It’s not just about music, I’m helping young teen transition into adulthood, & help me become better men, and hip hop is a tool that I use. I don’t even listen to hip-hop now, unless it’s old school.

HHF: So what did you mean when you said; “the rap is game is more of an illusion, seclusion to stop ya movement”?

Judah Priest: Hell Razah actually wrote that part for me, it was on the song called “The Illusions”. We were having an in depth conversation about hip-hop, just like the NBA, they say you can be rich by doing hip-hop and it’s wrong, they say you can have so many women; which is kinda accurate, you don’t get “women”, you get thots & whores.  It’s designed to program your mind to see stardom & money.  These record labels are selling dreams to our younger generation, the money that they flash is budgeted for something in the business, the cars and jewels are rented for the video shoot. The Vanguard Group who run the prisons also own VH1 & BET, that’s why you don’t see any conscious hip hop on there, just money bitches & cars.

HHF: In my opinion, the brainwashing is done out of fear. How powerful do you think our culture would be if we were on the level we’re “originally” supposed to be with the Most High?

Judah Priest: Right. That’s going back to the curse of Israel, we be stopping our own blessings.  When we were rescued from Egypt we got away from that bondage, but as soon as we crossed the sea and Pharaoh was killed our people started worshipping false idols & golden calves. If you look at all the other nations they are more unified, we’re just cursed.

HHF: I heard you make a statement about the growth in your mentality, how does it reflect in your music?

Judah Priest: The crazy thing is; I’ve always wrote biblical. The difference in my music now is the content, I did a couple sex songs for the people, and I really don’t like doing that. Back when I dropped an album called “The Sacrifice” years ago and it was all jewels, and I did the “Valley of Kings” and I saw a little transformation and I was getting a little bit better, the concept was starting to change. What I’m working on now (no title, no date) I’m going to mature and give social issues and my belief system; not talking about guns and killing people.

HHF: I had a dispute with someone about what age you should be or NOT be doing hip hop, I never knew it was an age limit when it comes to doing what you like to do. Do you ever get that?

Judah Priest: Yeah, I got young dudes dissing me because I’m a seasoned hip hop artist; they don’t even know they favorite rapper in their 40’s, they think Beyonce still 28; she in her 40’s. It ain’t no age limit, as long as you are able to have a platform, a voice and do something positive with what you are doing, by all means keep going.

HHF: Where do you think you can fill in the blanks with today’s music?

Judah Priest: Oh man! I’m trying to bring back true lyricism. I can fill in a lot of blanks just with education pieces and enlighten, hip hop was built on a foundation of education; you wanna talk women’s liberation we had “Queen Latifah & Monie Love”. Let’s talk about “Self Destruction”, look at everything “KRS & BDP” did, they gave you the political and the life science. Listen to everything “Rakim” said, and everything “Big Daddy Kane” said before he turned to the Chocolate Sexual Lover assed out on album covers.

(After I finished laughing) HHF: Yeah, I can dig it. As soon as the “powers that be” caught on to all that wisdom, they infiltrated and shut shit down on some G-Money shit.

Judah Priest: That’s right. So yeah, the performance part doesn’t make me nervous, but it’s my thinking of; will people accept what I got to say?  I’m always proving myself wrong because younger cats be like “damn, that was hot, I never heard it broken down like that before” as far as the bars and everything cause they could actually relate to it. I did a performance on FB live and people overseas were giving me props, and that lets me know that there are some people that get what I’m saying. So that’s where I fill in the blanks.

HHF: Do you have a targeted audience, or a specific age range?

Judah Priest: If you look at statistics on my databases; it’ll tell you my age range is from 24-45. I’m more on some 90’s hip hop type stuff, my partner tells me we got to get the youth and I really don’t know how to change that unless I do some trap music, and that ain’t happening. I don’t set out to one specific agenda, so whoever gets it, gets it.

HHF: The age range you’re reaching has a lot to do with the mentality level of the listeners and what they thrive off. Do you see that?

Judah Priest: Yeah, it’s in the marketing strategy too. Again, our people are dumbfounded. We thrive off of negativity. I’ll post about something political, or my video “Wake Up” being conscious, people LIKE it, but they don’t really pay attention. But if I take the same video, and I post on top of it “fuck Donald Trump, fuck Hillary Clinton” they’ll be like “ohhhhh Judah got a problem with Donald Trump”, so it’s like to be relevant in the game, you got to start a beef, I don’t have time for that shit.

HHF: Solid. As I wrap it up, any closing message to the readers?

Judah Priest: Remain humble, the more humble, the better the recognition and easier it is to grow more. Stay consistent in your goals; turn your dreams into goals, and turn your dreams in to reality. Grind hard and be consistent.

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This interview was done by Big Momma “Miz” a North Philly native, out of Harrisburg Pa.,  She is now the C.O.O for an indie label ILL CRE (Illustrious Creations of Entertainment) where she is also an artist under the moniker “Penelope”.  The Hip Hop culture is embedded in her style & personality, you’ll hear it in her rhymes and read it in her writings.

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