HHF Opinion: My 2Cents

By James ‘Nobodee Jones’ Horton

Will you think Nobodee is trippin? Take a moment and consider his thoughts on the American business called slavery, how it stripped us of real recognition for a great deal of our contributions old and new and how the ball bounces onto the stage of our hip-hop culture. 

Often Kinfolk Gottdammit and I chop it up on the Rawr Radio* weekend broadcast about black folks, this country and what we generally perceive to be ours and theirs.  One of the topics that comes up is hip hop culture.  When you look at us as a people we have made many influences in this country and even overseas. In truth influence ain’t the same as created, captured, & molded.  Walk with me for a moment; check my process a bit.

Now the most of us don’t have the luxury, resources, or time to trace down our roots like that cat Alex Haley. In fact, many of us would be exercising futility in even finding the info. With that ish said think with me, the American business of slavery that this country built and benefited off of was more than the free labor and the cruel, brutality of human nature (to keep it easy I’m gone keep my thought’s in my head about “human nature”.) But the business was also in the eradication of cultures, ya heard me with a “s”. So you take this info and fast track that info and move farther with it. What you got? Embracement of the culture of the environment forced upon us and it has been accepted as the norm. Well this culture kept with its roots and established that is was normal to mistreat cats like my people and those in similar situations: enter a subculture.

Let’s go back in the gap, still with Afrika Bambaataa and all that & how this cat sees it. This subculture grew as the bullshit in the “European culture” kept doing that bullshit.  It began to express itself in more and more ways. Talking graffiti, dance, walk, poster, attitude, style, musically, and so forth; needless to say the point I’m driving is that hip hop is the only true culture created by black folks and the poor classes of this country.  We ain’t got no flag, we got no land [Sidebar: on some other ish, you own your property as long as the powers that be say you do. In any event they come seize your ish], no language [Just the Kang’s Anglish], unless you one of them cats that had some passed down but I’ll tell you like this nobody, ever told what Tubob meant besides Mr. Haley and who’s to say my folks was Mandinka?

So the only true culture we got, we started, and we’re losing it. On the straight we selling it. Yeah I got that a cat gotta eat, feed you and yours! Look through my lenses for a minute. The environment is set; it plays all odds against you. The political and socioeconomic structure is set at a disadvantage. You then faced with the dilemma of putting ya grind on 4x or conformity.  The incentive for the grind is that you may make it on your own merit, mentality, and you get what? paper. The incentive for conformity is you work the system and build yourself up and what you get? …. paper [Not touching on who’s real & fake ish].  So for a hungry cat out for his scratch he going to generally take the path easier for him with the better chance of success right. Back on point though, the outcome is the same whether you grind or conform… so the culture begins to split. [Sidebar: And let’s not talk about the attack in the children through media and local and federal laws that has taken the right to Parent away, and giving the children a false sense of entitlements and the celebrations of mediocrity, and the prescriptions of dope]. The downfall is this, and this is why the world’s view of the culture is in danger, because it reads on the lines of some Willy Lynch. Here’s a short summary.  Get them to separate, by all means, complexion, state, coast, upbringing, or whatever and be sure to show the children how you want them to think. Corral they mind into to what is acceptable. Promote access to the prescriptions and drugs and whatnot to dull they mind but, you don’t make it too easy [not legal]. Reward your model thrall, place this cat up front when you do so all can see. They will see the reward and follow suit and if they have been properly dumbed down.

So what you think? Nobodee trippin? Maybe, maybe not but what a cat can see for all y’all mainstream hip hop fans and those immersed in the “popular” or “mainstream” hip hop culture, the Lil Yeast Infections (Lil Yachty), Panda N!66@ (Designer), Crazy Eyes (Kodak Black…yea he looks like that broad from Orange is the New Black) are in the forefront right now. If that’s you, peace be unto you; y’all fools can have it. Imma chill in the underground, Where the Radio is RAWR and the Forum is all about Hip Hop….


James “Nobodee Jones” Horton,co-owner, online broadcaster, personality for RAWR Radio based in Ardmore, Ok. Born in Ardmore, OK raised in Atlanta, GA. Pays homage to hip hop culture through RAWR Radio weekend Show cast via Mixlr.com online. RAWR Radio itself grew from a personal need that mainstream hip-hop is failing to produce. Although still in the early stages the shows continue to see growth. We feature Unsigned Underground artist. Real radio, just like you like your Hip-Hop! From the heart but not for the overly sensitive. Check out the RAWR website and stay connected with Nobodee Jones and RAWR Radio on FacebookInstagramTwitterSoundcloudGoogle+.  RAWR!

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