HHF Interview: Mizz_Prettii

Interviewed by: Big Momma “Miz”

Big Momma “Miz” talks with New Jersey native “Mizz Prettii”; about who she is and what she stands for. They talk about females making a presence in the game, or the lack there of.  Also, they discuss “wolves in sheep clothing”, the fraudulent acts in the game and how you can be easily deceived if you’re too eager and not careful.

HHF: What up sis! The last time we talked back in September, you told me you have two shows scheduled on October 14th & 15th; you’ll be opening up for Dougie Fresh & Biz Markie in Winston and Salem NC.  How did you get connected with something that dope? Who set that up for you?

Mizz_Prettii: That plan was introduced to me by someone who will remain nameless.

HHF: What’s his reputation in the game?

Mizz_Prettii: Honestly Big Momma Miz; I didn’t take the time to look into all that at first. After he heard my music, he said he liked it and was going to take me on, like he wanted to manage me. I was excited because I was grinding so hard on my own, I thought it would be good for somebody to help me get through doors that seemed stuck.

HHF: How’s that working out for you? Is it anything like you expected?

Mizz_Prettii: Hell no!! In my opinion he’s very unprofessional, I felt like he was making promises he could not deliver.

HHF: Give me some of your examples.

Mizz_Prettii: I was sitting around for 4 months not doing anything! No connections with studios for studio time, no features or collabs with other artists, no shows, no interviews, just calling in and bullshitting on his radio show. I kept asking “what’s going on, what’s going on?”

HHF: What do you mean, “bullshiting on his radio show?”

Mizz_Prettii: He said that I could have slots somedays to host my own talk show, he said I have good radio personality and advertised it as; Black Friday HipHop Takeover Show, presents The Pink Corner with Mizz Pretti. I was like “cool”, I already had 5000+ followers and listeners, so I was down for it. Well some nights I would see his personal plans posted on Facebook but nothing to me personally or a direct call saying the plans changed. I thought that was very unprofessional too.

HHF: I agree. Anything else?

Mizz_Prettii: I also felt like my tail was being pulled when he kept telling me how he’s working on an endorsement for a new Vodka line that’s coming out, and wanted me on that particular Vodka brand, promoting Prettii Berries flavor. Nothing ever happened with that either.

HHF: Damn. So what actually happened with the North Carolina show? I mean Biz Markie & Dougie Fresh are some tough names to be dropping. I know you were excited, your supporters too. Why didn’t it play out for you?

Mizz_Prettii: I don’t think it was ever in play for me. Just sounded like a bunch of lies. Nothing real was being produced along the way. As the time got closer I was expecting certain things to be in order, and I couldn’t get any real answers to why they weren’t.

HHF: It fucks me up hearing this situation, you like many others are taking their passion seriously, and you run into people full of shit, wasting time. What type of stuff did you stipulate in your contract from the beginning?

Mizz_Prettii: One was never emailed to me, I was told it was being taken care of and I should see something soon; I never did. We would video chat a lot about nonsense, but never met face to face to build a rapport or do business. When I confronted the issues, the conversation became irate. It was something I never experienced before.

HHF: On the flipside, time is the only thing you lost in this predicament, luckily you didn’t lose your pride & dignity giving up the nappy dugout for dead possibilities and paying out a bunch of money for nothing.  You learned a  good lesson. Moving on, so you hopped back on the bike and kept pedaling, now what?

Mizz_Prettii: I’m still promoting my single “JUMPING” it’s been doing really good, I have loyal followers & listeners. Beauty & the Beast Mixtape is dropping soon. I got a few freestyles out there too, so I was invited to the next Dear Jersey Cypher.

You can also find me featured in Le’Blanc Music Magazine, The Ladies Takeover Edition. www.londonleblancmusic.com

HHF: That’s great. Define the artist; Mizz Pretti.

Mizz Prettii is bold, Mizz Prettii is a person that uses her music to speak for the people who don’t speak for themselves. Pretti’s definition, you would think I’m saying it because I think I’m beautiful, but it goes a little deeper into political matters of me being an activist and a rebel. I’m standing for people that don’t think they’re pretty, for the fat girls that think they’re too fat to get a good man, also for the nerds;  who feel that people think they’re too nerdy & smart and can’t get the pretty girls, I’m standing for the bums on the street, I’m standing up for a lot of different people. So Pretti is just an adverb of something that you want to classify, so my definition of Pretti is totally different. It’s a force to be reckoned with, I’m out here.

HHF: Who were the role models that influenced you? Ever been compared to any?

You told me once I had a style similar to Shawnna, (First female signed to Def Jam South through Ludacris’ Camp DTP).  Of course Queen Latifah, I think I get compared to her a lot because of my aura or just the comparison of another plus size rapper, Mia X but more-so on the east coast, and I’ve been compared to the female version of Biggie because of the lyrics as far as hip-hop.  I think I have my own unique style tho, but I do love the comparison of other people that paved the way.

HHF: Ok, that kinda leans towards my next question of what are you stamping in the game, like when somebody hears the name Mizz Pretti, what do you want them to know you brought to the table?

Mizz_Prettii: I keep it Pink, clean, classy, but I’m outchea’ I’m grinding like the rest of the ladies, I’m being assertive about it. Also, I’m being a student at the same time making a stand for who I am. I’m a unique artist, I have my own style.

HHF: Speaking of style, to me you have more of a DIVA style than HipHop, especially when saying your notable phrase “Keep it Pink”.

Mizz_Prettii: Yes definitely because of my presence & the way I dress, there’s people that think I sing or something, but then when people hear me spit, they’re like where did that voice come from, where did all that come from, I’m a beast at what I do.

HHF: When you sit down to write one of your songs, what influences you, do you hear a beat that talks to you, and how do you come up with the concept?

Mizz_Prettii: I like to write during the spur of the moment, it depends on my invocation’s besides when I’m blowing on some sticky stuff, I get invoked by what goes on around me & what I’m going through, and the beat is a plus too. If I have some good positive people around me, and they mobbing with me, chilling with me while I’m in there it’s definitely gonna happen, the magic is in the making when that happens.

HHF: It’s definitely a thirst for some dope females again, what’s your take on that?

Mizz_Prettii: I can see they out here grinding, it’s definitely competition out here. The females I come in contact with I see them grinding, not all catty, they’re humble, and you can network and do different stuff, to me everybody out here trying to get it. If anybody acting catty, then they felt like they met their match, or that other person is hot. Yeah, I mean if you’re hot, then you’re hot! I’ll give a compliment, I’ll tell a girl she hot like “yo what’s good, let’s collab” that’ll be an invocation for me, I wouldn’t consider her as competition, for the most part I’m humble. I’ll come in the game like “heyy let’s go get a drinks” real easy going. I don’t think I’m better than anybody, but I know I’m competition if you need me to be, but I’m not coming off like that. Nothing towards any female out here grinding & spitting, or even Nikki Minaj, Remy Martin, Young M.A., Missy Elliot, because at the end of the day, they still have a lane opened for women as we speak, so we grinding!

I definitely look forward to working with Penelope of ILL CRE on something real dope! www.illcre.com

HHF: Any last words you have for the readers?

Mizz_Prettii: Yeah, for the indie artists out here, do proper research of people and their so called businesses. Folks will tell you all kinds of things they can do for your career and may actually end up hurting it by wasting your time and hard earned money.

This interview was done by Big Momma “Miz” a North Philly native, out of Harrisburg Pa., she is now the C.O.O for an indie label ILL CRE (Illustrious Creations of Entertainment) where she is also signed as an artist under the moniker “Penelope”. The Hip Hop culture is embedded in her style & personality, you’ll hear it in her rhymes and read it in her writings.

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