HHF Conversation: Hip-Hop and its role with today’s kids

By Adrienne Miller (and Jailyn Robinson)

Most kids will never know of the U.N.I.T.Y Queen Latifah was trying to spread …

or how she empowered women in ‘Ladies First’.  They won’t remember how Common ‘s ‘I Used to Love H.E.R’

or how Fat Joe taught us to ‘Lean Back’.

However, my son who is quite a fan of animated movies as most kids his age, helped me realize that hip- hop is still growing up with our kids as these legends have now transitioned to doing voice overs and bringing their individual flavors to the characters they bring to life.

As a fan of hip-hop, I can’t imagine anything better.  I love when children discover something and think that it’s new when in actuality it’s just been revived, and living a second maybe third life.

However it brings about a curiosity that makes them wanna know more about who these people are.  Enter hip hop and the roots, where it all begin for these once artist, emcees and now legends.  Just like that hip-hop is reborn in the minds and hearts of our young people.

Let’s now open it up now to you, our HHF readers, let’s have a conversation in the comments below:

How are your kids interacting with hip-hop these days?

Is hip-hop still a central part of their lives, like it was for you?

Are you introducing them to the music of your youth, or sharing contemporary artists?

Who were the key artists of your childhood, and why?



From Philadelphia, Adrienne Miller is a mother, caretaker, jewelry designer, learning coach and now journalist. Music and poetry are two of her interests. Writing allows her another outlet to be creative and expressive. She has been avid follower of hip-hop culture since the late 80’s.

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