HHF October

Starting out with a super nice interview with indie Detroit MCs Flyboi Rich and Shakk Sport by Warnell Jones, this month’s Hip Hop Forum digital magazine is a great mix of opinion pieces and interviews to give you a fine taste of hip-hop culture in the broadest sense. Nobodee Jones takes a look at ‘Barfest’ […]

HHF Interview: Flyboi Rich & Shakk Sport

Interviewed by Warnell Jones Despite all the questions about hip-hop’s future (is hip-hop dying; has it been dying since its emergence?) and those claiming that the art of rhyming has died because of a lack of syncopated rhyme, let alone the rising popularity of “mumble rap”, there are many artists who say no and argue […]

HHF Report: Raising the bar/What you know about Barfest

Written by Nobodee Jones I always speak to the artistry of hip hop music. Real rap that pulls at a cat’s mind with entangled metaphors and words grounded in veracity that either leave a cat sayin’ shiiid or damn. It’s that much mo’ important as we in a time when tunes like this aren’t heard […]

HHF Interview: Fleetwood of “Da Cotton Pickas”

Interviewed by Big Momma ‘Miz’ Hip Hop Forum digital magazine’s Big Momma ‘Miz’ talks politics and music with Fleetwood of “Da Cotton Pickas” from Oakland, CA and also the ‘Homeboy Hotline’ – an organization he set up 16 years ago to help people make a successful transition to life in the community after time spent […]

HHF Opinion: Making A Case For The Get Down

Written by Warnell Jones Amidst the fleeting knowledge of the origins of the art we all know as hip-hop, we were given a TV show that gave America a true glimpse of the musical shift in the 70s that would change the course of time.   The Get Down – a television program exclusive to […]