HHF Editor’s Letter

Hi everyone,

We’ve decided to move towards a monthly publication here at Hip Hop Forum digital magazine. This will allow us to better meet your needs as readers and also our commitment to producing a magazine that is completely new and different to anything else being published today.
Part community development, via the New Black Writers program and our support and focus on new talents across the five elements of hip-hop in the US and internationally.
With an equal dose of high-quality writing from new voices and experienced writers, and soon to be introduced practitioners of the culture (MCs and the like) – always focused on the indies and hip-hop underground – while forever showing respect to the pioneers.
Part politics, part Black culture, with a strong international focus – you’ll soon be seeing a lot more content from the UK, Europe and Australia in the magazine.
So look out for our next issue of Hip Hop Forum digital magazine, early next month – and the start of every month from now on and please keep in touch.
Madeleine Byrne                      James Mayfield
       Editor                                      Co-Founder
& the Hip Hop Forum digital magazine/Hip Hop Forum team

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